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TOA Corporation

TOA Corporation

Project Info

Softman Solution is pleased to have partnered with TOA Corporation to provide a range of IT solutions for their Dhaka Branch Office. Our project focused on supplying IT-related goods, delivering dedicated IT services, and providing essential software to enhance their daily operations.
  • Client:
  • Work Location: Branch Office - Dhaka

Project Scope:

  1. IT Environments Products Supply:
    • Softman Solution meticulously sourced and supplied a range of IT hardware and equipment to meet the specific needs of TOA Corporation. These products were carefully selected and integrated to optimize their IT environment.
  2. IT Service & Supports:
    • Our dedicated team offered ongoing IT services and support to ensure that the IT systems of TOA Corporation’s Dhaka Branch Office operated seamlessly. We addressed technical issues promptly, maintained performance, and implemented best practices to enhance their IT capabilities.
  3. Software Supply:
    • Softman Solution provided essential software solutions to meet the software requirements of TOA Corporation. Our software solutions were carefully selected to enhance their productivity and streamline operations.

Project Benefits:

  • Enhanced IT Infrastructure: Our supply of IT-related goods, along with dedicated IT service and support, significantly improved the IT capabilities of TOA Corporation’s Dhaka Branch Office, leading to enhanced productivity and reduced downtime.
  • Streamlined Software Solutions: The software we provided contributed to more efficient operations and enhanced the productivity of their Dhaka Branch Office.

Softman Solutions is proud to have contributed to the success of TOA Corporation by delivering top-quality IT solutions and software that empower their operations.