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Obayashi Corporation

Obayashi Corporation

Project Info

Obayashi Corporation, a renowned global construction and engineering company, entrusted Softman Solution with a range of critical IT and security-related projects at their Bangladesh Branch Office. Our comprehensive services have played a pivotal role in enhancing the functionality and security of their office environment.
  • Client: Obayashi Corporation
  • Work Location: Bangladesh Branch Office

Project Scope:

  1. IT Environments Products Supply:
    • Softman Solution provided a wide range of cutting-edge IT hardware and equipment to meet Obayashi Corporation’s specific needs. We ensured the seamless integration of these products into their existing infrastructure, optimizing their IT environment for efficiency and productivity.
  2. IT Service & Supports:
    • We offer ongoing IT services and support to Obayashi Corporation, ensuring their systems run smoothly, addressing any technical issues promptly, and implementing best practices to maximize performance and security.
  3. CCTV & Security Surveillance Solutions:
    • Softman Solution implemented a state-of-the-art CCTV and security surveillance system, tailored to Obayashi Corporation’s security requirements. Our solution provides real-time monitoring, intrusion detection, and secure data storage to safeguard their premises and assets.
  4. Printing Service & Support:
    • We provide Obayashi Corporation with comprehensive printing services and support, ensuring their printing needs are met with the highest quality and efficiency. Our team is always ready to troubleshoot any printing-related issues and maintain their printing infrastructure.

Project Benefits:

  • Enhanced IT Infrastructure: Softman Solution’s IT products and support have improved Obayashi Corporation’s IT infrastructure, increasing productivity and minimizing downtime.
  • Robust Security: Our CCTV and security surveillance solutions have strengthened the security of their Bangladesh Branch Office, providing peace of mind and protection against potential threats.
  • Streamlined Printing Services: Our printing services have optimized their document management and printing processes, resulting in cost savings and improved workflow.

Softman Solution is proud to have contributed to the success of Obayashi Corporation’s operations in Bangladesh by providing top-notch IT, security, and printing solutions.